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Genuine Gasket

One of the most famous manufacturer for Harley Davidson gaskets. Officially founded in 1979, James Gaskets Inc. is still a reference point in the world of aftermarket spare parts for motorcycles and not only.

James Gaskets Inc. was founded by James Clark Sr. out of a small garage in the Bay Area of California in the late 1970’s.

James Sr. was a life-long motorcycle enthusiast. In 1977 James started the James Motorcycle Parts Company with the desire to sell seals that were of the highest quality. Soon after, James began supplying all the necessary gaskets for complete engine and transmission rebuild kits for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

In 1979, James Gaskets Inc. was officially born. With a hunger to supply the Harley Davidson community with gaskets and seals that performed at the highest level, James Gaskets soon became the leader in producing the most complete line of Harley Davidson aftermarket gaskets. An incredible product, partnered with James’ professionalism and love for motorcycles soon earned James Gaskets respect and notoriety in the industry.

James Gaskets Inc. today remains strong. After the passing of James Sr. in 2007, the company continues to operate under the direction of James’ wife, Gere, and sons James Jr. and Ryan.