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Gilles Tooling

The goal of the GILLES company is to produce only products that will help ensure customer satisfaction by: operating capable, reliable as well as efficient business processes and working on continuous improvement throughout the company with the objective of zero defects.

Being ten years a rider in several racing classes, the company founder Gerhard Gilles realized that standard parts do not meet all expectations. He needed something better and that was the beginning: Gerhard Gilles made the first adjustable and lightweight rearsets by himself to use it on his track bike. In the year 2000 the company GILLES was founded to combine the passion for racing with technical knowledge and experience. This ended in the development and production of the first multivariable rearset, the AS31GT. At the same time this rearset kick-started a dynamic company which today sells its wide product range worldwide. Today GILLES is proud of being an original parts manufacturer for BMW Motorrad, Yamaha and Suzuki as well as having many more satisfied customers around the world.

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